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Our proven marketing system will measurably grow your business.


Here's How

We will:

Develop a marketing system tailored specifically to your needs.

Show you proof that it is working to grow your business.

Our 6-Step Process for Your Success:

1. Define Measurable Objectives

What do you want to accomplish?

2. Define Target Audience

We find your best prospects.

3. Clarify Your Brand

We give people a compelling reason to buy.

4. Develop The Strategy

Our roadmap to successful marketing.

5. Build The System

We develop the components and implement them.

6. Proof Of Success

We measure your growth results.

You will know exactly what you’re getting for your marketing investment.

That’s because we establish clear, measurable marketing objectives with you up front, and then show you the results. 

Your Results:
More qualified leads 
New customers
Increased sales with your current customers
Longer customer retention
Increased sales overall
Business growth

We can help you accomplish all of these and more!

What Others Are Saying About Us:

“Kerry has supplied us with leading edge ideas and has provided sound advice and creative thinking in marketing/advertising, Web site design and measurement, and data management. We have won numerous marketing awards from national groups on our work together, and the work has led to tangible results for our business.”

Doug Freed

Henry Ford College

“The one word which jumps to mind with Kerry Doyle is “Integrity”. There are no smoke and mirrors. Probing questions, outside-the-box thinking and targeted solutions all add up to “Optimum Value for Your Marketing Dollars”. No one will work harder every day to earn your trust and respect than Kerry and his team.”

Dave Harries

Spartan Marketing

“Kerry Doyle brings a unique and valuable perspective to any marketing challenge. He’s got extensive experience at planning, developing and managing all forms of marketing services and he’s worked for clients in a wide variety of industries. I’ve worked with Kerry on dozens of marketing projects — and I’ve seen him function effectively as both the Director/Manager and as a hands-on producer of web, database, creative, print, and broadcast deliverables. Kerry remains one of the very first people I call when I need help planning, developing or managing any kind of marketing program. He get’s my very strongest recommendation.”

Brian Fey

Managed Marketing

“Kerry translates his diverse online and offline marketing experience into results-oriented solutions for every Client he works with. He’s focused on continuous improvement of himself and his Clients, and has the results to prove it. Kerry has also taught me many life lessons in business and marketing. Several of these lessons, time-tested truths about how to help make Clients more money through marketing, how to treat Clients, and how to grow a business, I reteach to my teams daily. Work with Kerry and you won’t be disappointed!”

Regis Hadiaris

Quicken Loans

“Kerry and I have worked together on several different projects in the past. His work ethic is unmatched. Kerry is very detail oriented, enthusiastic and is very passionate about his work. One project we worked on (Execution Playbook), won several awards within PepsiCo as “Best in Class” field communications tool. Portions of the Playbook have been duplicated throughout PepsiCo’s Field Sales organization. I would highly recommend Kerry.”

Dan Zamiara


Are you getting all of the customers you need to grow?
Are you getting the most out of your current customers?
Is your brand message crystal clear so people immediately know why they should buy from you?

We will make sure they know who you are…and buy from you!

Some brands we’ve worked with:

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