There was a time when weekend plans were made by phoning someone and conversing – not by scanning recent updates on a mini-feed; when catching up meant phone calls, dinner or meeting for coffee – not browsing a profile page for status updates.

There aren’t many aspects of our social lives that Facebook hasn’t affected in some way.  It’s changed day-to-day communication, how we spend our free time and how we view our personal relationships.  So how did this happen and what can we learn from the genius behind this social network?  A lot – but maybe one thing in particular.

Facebook has done one thing consistently since it began and that’s change.

Facebook’s continuous growth, accommodation and presence at the cutting edge of communication and digital technology has made it, not only the biggest social networking site, but the most widely used website in the entire world.

When we think about what’s appropriate for our own businesses and professional endeavors, we often stray away from best practices, web standards, usability and flexibility in an attempt to minimize effort and save time and money.  Facebook has dedicated itself to accommodating its users by continuously integrating it with the things they want most.  Developers are constantly rolling out new features and technology to build relationships between profile data and give users an ever-expanding amount of access to information.

Facebook knows all about what you want and what you’re doing.  You answer its probing questions all the time without even knowing.  It stores data about what you “Like,” who you talk to and what your interests are.  Doing so enables it to make you aware of applications and options you’ll be interested in and probably want to take advantage of.  Staying so in touch with you has also allowed Facebook to build notifications and reminders that always make things easy and accessible.

I just got an email that said, “Hi Jeff, you’ve been having trouble logging into your account.”  Facebook is so on the ball that it knows when I stumble over my password… Kind of scary, but at the same time, receiving an email five minutes later with a link to an instant login based on my typing problems is not only smart, it’s damn good customer service.

So if you can’t figure out why your business isn’t taking off, it’s because it’s just not quite as sweet as Facebook.  And honestly, it probably won’t be.  But don’t let that discourage you!  Take a page from their book (excuse the puns) and embrace the evolution of technology.  Then take it a step further and forget about profit.  Instead concentrate on making the absolute best product built to exceed the needs and desires of your clients.  If you can commit, profit will come soon after.  A lot of it.

Who knows – they might even make a movie about you.