“Extra Extra!  Read all about it!  The downfall of email marketing starts today!”

The doomsday of email marketing is continuously foretold across the web.  Claims that Social Media is replacing traditional email, that email marketing is viewed too much like spam and that people have lost trust in Internet marketers are common topics of conversation across the blogosphere.  So is there any validity to these claims?

Doyle Marketing and Mobile DevicesThough the use of traditional email is in fact declining, recent studies have shown that mobile email usage is not only holding steady, but increasing.  People are accessing email from their smartphones and tablets more than ever before.   While we most definitely are not witnessing the downfall of email marketing, we are witnessing the beginning stages of a technological revolution.  In the midst of this revolution, the responsibility falls on email marketers to change the traditional model of email and alter it to meet the needs of people that are busier and more on the go than ever before.

This means that taking consideration for browser and mobile compatibility is vital to success.  Content must load and read quickly and efficiently on a portable device.  The use of certain code and programming languages should be reconsidered based on the ability to read them on an iPhone or iPad.

Email marketing is not dead; it’s just changing.  Email marketers now have the ability to reach their targets from literally anywhere they are at any moment of the day.  The industry will continue to grow, feeding off ease of access and integration with mobile applications, social media and portable devices.

On a side note, it is true that many people have lost trust in Internet and email marketers, and in many senses, rightfully so.  That being said, the youth of our country is at the forefront of this technological revolution I mentioned.  Technology, ecommerce and web-based communication are engrained in these individuals from a young age.  They do not share many of same hang-ups their parents’ generation has with email marketing.  Considering this, email marketers have an ideal opportunity to change the face of the industry by building trust and lasting relationships with these individuals.