It’s time to stop building marketing campaigns around fluffy, jargon-filled messages that don’t make an impact.  It’s time to start marketing with balls.

Rule 1) Be concise.Marketing with balls!
Can you make an appealing argument without writing a novel?  If not, here’s an exercise in brevity for you.  Don’t try to sell your product with a tagline, small print piece or blog post.  Instead use these efforts simply to peak your customers’ interest.  If you can do that, they’ll come to you for more specifics.

Rule 2) Be bold.
Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff.  Don’t brag, don’t boast (unless it’s called for), but be confident and compelling.  Give people something to remember you by, not something to toss in the trash or ignore.

Rule 3) Be Real.
Are the messages in your marketing efforts believable?  More importantly, are they accurate?  If your product or services can’t walk the walk that backs the talk you’re talking, you’ve probably got a bigger problem than your marketing.