Apple will debut the iPad 2 today, a slimmer version of the original iPad with a faster processer, more memory and built in camera.  The device will be available on both AT&T and the newly added Verizon Network.  If you’re unsure as to whether or not the iPad is a good buy, here are three ways it can change the way you do your work.

1) Revolutionize Your Presentations and Meetings – Busting out the iPad and passing it around during a presentation can do a number of things to help impress those sitting across the table:

  • Wow your clients with your company’s use of new technology
  • Show off that beautiful new website as a success in modern design principles and browser compatibility
  • Use applications like Prezi to make presentations stunningly interactive and engaging
  • Use applications like Evernote or Keynote to change the way you record and take notes

2) Video Conference on the Go

Most of the time, there’s a definite advantage to actually seeing the face of the person you’re talking to.  With the addition of the iPad 2’s new camera(s) video conferencing from the coffee shop, living room or airport will be easier than ever.

3) Eliminate the Paper Trail

Reduce the clutter on your desk and keep all your important documents on your iPad.  As long as it’s by your side, you’ll have all the reports, proposals and information you need to read, review and reply without killing trees.  Use applications like the iPad Office Suites or SharePlus Office to stay organized and complete your daily tasks.