Our Step-By Step Marketing System

The following steps will be tailored to your business and the outcome for you will be – More customers with less cost.

Step 1 – Define Measurable Objectives – We will help you define meaningful, measurable, objectives.

What do you want to accomplish over the next 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months, 3-5 Years?

Get more visitors to your website? How many?
Convert a larger percentage of those visitors into customers? What percentage?
Drive more qualified leads into your sales pipeline? How many?
Nurture and convert those leads into loyal customers? What percentage?
Retain customers longer? How long?
Generate more sales? How much?
Grow your business? How big?

Step 2 – Define Target Audiences

Step 3 – Clarify Your Message

We will make your brand promise crystal clear so people will want to buy from you.

Step 4 – Make Your Website Work For You

We will convert your website into a brand-building, lead-generation and sales-conversion machine.

A clear message (from Step 3) should immediately tell a visitor why they should stay on your website and provide them a simple path to do business with you.

This will be the hub of your marketing system.

Step 5 – Drive Leads to Your Website

Lead generation strategy and tactics will vary based on your products or services and your target audiences. It could involve a combination of the following:

Social Media
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Paid Search
Online Advertising

Step 6 – Develop a Lead-Nurturing, Sales-Support Strategy

This could involve a combination of the following:

Sales Support Materials
Sales Scripts
Marketing Automation

Step 7 – Measure The Results and Refine The System

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